Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time to Start New Quarterback

Morgan Shadle
Staff Writer

Is it time for the Philadelphia Eagles to start Quarterback Mark Sanchez instead of Sam Bradford? The answer is no. The Eagles have been doing well with Sam Bradford. It’s just that they don't finish their drives. Philadelphia receivers have dropped about 20 balls so far this year, and they have to learn how to catch these balls if they want to get first downs and better field position. Also,once the Eagles hurry up offense starts to get going there's no stopping it, so drop balls is a game changer for the Eagles.
Can Mark Sanchez help the Eagles more than Bradford? No. Mark Sanchez will never be the guy for the Eagles. He just doesn't have the accuracy or knowledge to be a great quarterback. Last season, Mark Sanchez did well, but he blew big chances against teams like the Washington Redskins. If the Eagles won that game they probably would have made it to the playoffs. He, also he made really careless decisions that game. We need a quarterback that it is smart like Sam Bradford, but we need him to be like he was his rookie year when he won rookie of the year. Sam Bradford is accurate and precise, but he needs to be consistent. If the coaches can help him more, the Eagles are going to be a hard team to beat this year.
Also Sam Bradford has a one year contract with the Eagles. If the Eagles don’t like him and don’t want him the result of the season can determine if they drop him into free agency and get a new quarterback in free agency or the draft. So, aside from the season it’s not that big of a deal if he does poorly. However, it would be better to him to have a great year and for the Eagles to finally take first place

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