Thursday, October 24, 2013

Field Hockey Walks Away with Big Wins

Kerry Leonardi
Staff Writer

New Hope-Solebury Field Hockey has shocked teams in the BAL with their unexpected winning streak. After playing eight games, they have only lost one game to an out-of-league team against Southern Lehigh, which is much larger school than New Hope.
 They had seven shuts out in a row due to Chloe Verwiel and the defense who had amazing saves when the team needed it the most.The offense contributed by going to work in front of the net scoring goals in clutch situations. The girls also had to endure two intense over times against Delaware Christian and Plumstead. The girls determination and endurance is what kept them in the games which eventually lead to victories.
 After losing six key players last year, many people did not have high expectations for New Hope to go far this year. New Hope was a target this year. Lower Moreland, Plumstead and Christopher Dock all decided that beating New Hope would be a team goal for the season and they were willing to shed blood to do so. The girls showed up to every game with the mentality to play and to win no matter who they were up against.
 After interviewing the team,they said that if they had to describe their team this season it would be “small but mighty.”  The team only has seventeen players and often do not have substitutes  and have to play the entire game and sometimes including over times. New Hope’s strength as a team this year is determination. The girls do not stop for anything or anyone. With only a few week left in the season they will continue with this mentality and hopefully their winning streak to claim the title of BAL champions.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cross Country Championship Preview

Dylan Selbst
Opinions Editor

With championship season approaching, both the New Hope-Solebury Boys and Girls cross country teams are seeking victories. Last year, both teams captured the PIAA District 1 team title and moved on to the State Championship meet. This year, however, things are different; they are not the underdogs anymore in the district and they have their eyes set on States.

With two Invitational team victories already this season, the boys team have their hopes up for this year. “We still have our entire varsity team from last year;” said senior, Danny Schlussel “this year we are stronger and we know we can win districts... Our thoughts are on the state championship where we hope to finish in the top three.” The girls team is optimistic as well, they have a great chance of winning the District Championship at Lehigh University on Oct. 25, even with only three of last year’s varsity seven returning. “We are still strong” said sophomore, Hannah Singer, “we have a really good shot at a great finish at the state meet in November.”
The Bicentennial Athletic League championship on Oct. 18 is going to be the biggest post-season challenge for both teams. Holy Ghost Prep, the boys’ strongest rivals, and Lower Moreland, who edged out the girls by only two points last year, will be there seeking to return as champions. With strong performances by both teams, however, New Hope-Solebury could walk (or rather, run) away with two League Championships.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Punches Thrown at Girls' Soccer Game

Karli Burns
Staff Writer

Last weekend a fight between Lexi Morse and number 14 from Mast Charter broke out on Friday, September 20th, because the opposing players actions toward New Hopes soccer team.The girls Varsity soccer team played Mast Charter at Comly Elementary school in Philadelphia.
 “I saw what number 14 was doing to my team and I wasn’t okay with it. That’s my team and I felt obligated to step in and stick up for my teammates. I know anyone else on the soccer team would have done the same thing for me” said by Lexi Morse. Lexi felt that her actions were justified. “ I am so happy I have a teammate that will stick up for me in those types of situations. It really showed me how strong of a bond our team has.” said by freshman Kelly Hyland.
 The first instance of violence was when number 14 punched Anna Vidakovic and later threw Kelly Hyland to the ground by pulling her hair. Morse ran over to number 14 to confront her, which lead to more violence. Number 14 began to throw punches at Morse and Morse fought back my kneeing her in the stomach. The fight was separated by a parent watching close by. Both Morse and number 14 received red cards and were thrown out of the game. New Hope went on to win the game 6-0. Anna Vidakovic scored two goals while Lexi Morse, Channel D’Angelo, Jess Zimmerman, and Bella Devito all contributed with one goal. Even though a fight occurred, New Hope still came out on top.

From left to right: Jessica Zimmerman, Lexi Morse. Photo taken by Karli Burns

Monday, October 7, 2013

NH-S Girls Tennis Repeats Season

Rachel Locke
Staff Writer

The New Hope-Solebury High School Girls Tennis Team is on fire this year. The chances of repeating last year’s season are  likely, especially with the big win early in the season against the rivals, Lower Moreland. They are on their way to be league champions again this year!
  The girls lost a lot of talented seniors from last year, but we have many good returning players. The team has three experienced singles players that are very dedicated. Then, the first and second doubles lineup are returning varsity members from last year’s season. Third and fourth doubles are rising varsity players who are new to the varsity style, but they have adjusted to the roster well. The girls are 5-2 overall, 5-0 winning all the BAL matches. The last BAL game is scheduled for Oct. 3 at Delco. This will determine whether or not the team is capable of achieving another BAL title.
  The match against Lower Moreland took place on Sept. 3rd, the first day of school. The girls got on the bus with a positive attitude and that had a major impact on the success that took place that day. All the singles courts beat Lower Moreland as well as the first doubles team. Second, third, and fourth doubles suffered a loss that day, but fought long and hard. With the 4-3 defeat against the rivals, Lower Moreland, the girls had a good chance at the BAL champion title.
  Head coach Diane Roeser has high hope for the team’s success. “We have our sights set on districts, of course” coach Roeser said about the team in an interview with The Intelligencer. Team districts starts the week of Oct. 7. With the passion that the team has, the girls will win the Team districts. With Gen Hobson, the Intelligencer’s #1 Player of the year star at the first singles slot for the second consecutive year, she has helped get the team revved up and ready to win matches. And that is just what the team has done.
  The girls also want to truly thank all the dedicated fans that support them at every home match! Your support is greatly appreciated and recognized!
  Come out and cheer on the girls at their last home matches on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 1, and October 2 at 3:45pm. Bring your friends and come watch some good tennis! You won’t be disappointed!

Vertically Challenged rules

Christian Oliveira
Staff Writer

Last nights first annual volleyball tournament had it all. Upsets, incredible plays, and powerful slams mixed in with the heartbreak of defeat, and the ecstasy of victory.
 The tournament was organized and officiated by the NHS Girls' Volleyball team. Although controversial at first to many who are used to playing by the "free for all" style of gym class volleyball, the actual rules were enforced. "We were cracking down on lifts mostly, a lot people don't know all the rules of volleyball and we did the best we could to keep everything fair," said senior official and team member Hannah Lelie.
 One of the greatest, feel good stories of the tournament was the story of Seniors 2K14. After Seniors 2K14 lost their first game in astonishing fashion to Achenbach and His Disciples most ruled them out. However the Cinderella story of the tournament pulled together and came out with a string of major upsets, including historic wins over heavily favored Thunderballs and Get Salty, eventually making it all the way to the Loser’s bracket semifinals before bowing out to eventual champions Vertically Challenged. 2K14 team captain Casey Coughlin said, “The loss really hurt, especially since we had a five point lead late in the game, but hey we did what we could and I’m proud of our team. People better not sleep on this squad again in the flag football tournament.”
 When Vertically Challenged beat Madison’s unnamed team in the Loser’s bracket final to make it to the final, the journey was far from over. Having already lost to The Beautiful Dude Squad in their opening game they would have to defeat them not only once, but twice, as the BD Squad had yet to lose. Powered by Danny Sutton's curving surve and Dalton Waterman and David Cherkowsky's powerful slams, Vertically Challenged was able to comfortably defeat the BD Squad twice and take home the first volleyball tournament title ever.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles: Reid Was Not the Problem

Jack Dougherty
Sports Editor

 The excitement surrounding the 2013-2014 Philadelphia Eagles team is understandable.  A new coach, a new offense, and a new confidence are all intriguing reasons to fall back in love with the team that breaks our hearts almost every year, it seems.  The amount of hype that circles the Eagles is insanely higher than that of any other team in the National Football League, and there is no secret as to why this occurs.  The fact is that football fans thrive on change, and the Eagles do that more often, and more excitingly than everyone else.  
 In 2011, it was the signings of defensive beasts Jason Babin and Nnamdi Asomugha who were supposedly the final pieces of the “Dream Team” puzzle.  In 2012, the firing of Defensive Coordinator, Juan Castillo, was supposed to fix every flaw in the underachieving defense.  And in 2013, the firing of head coach, Andy Reid, and the hiring of former Oregon head coach, Chip Kelly, was destined to patch up the rough spots on the team and send them to a long-awaited Super Bowl victory.  None of these position changes turned out to be successful (although Chip Kelly can still prove me wrong), which brought the Philadelphia Faithful down from their short high.  Avid Eagles fan, Keegan Hawkins, has experienced these ups and downs, and he chimed in on his views of the 2013 team.  “Realistically, the Eagles have a 7-9 season to look forward to. But, if we look at the division now, everyone’s struggling to stay or reach .500. There’s always hope.”  His sense of optimism is encouraging, but right now 7-9 might even be a stretch.
 To make things worse, Andy Reid strolled back into Philadelphia at the helm of a Kansas City Chief’s team that went 2-14 the previous year, and beat the Eagles 26-16 on week 3 of the 2013 season.  Reid single-handedly proved the point that the Eagles’ radical moves each season do nothing but excite the fans and bring them back to the stadium each week.  It’s simple really: general manager Jeffrey Lurie and the rest of the front office has to stick with the talented team of players and coaches they have and believe in them.  It won’t happen overnight, but this team will eventually become a powerhouse in the NFL.  The only thing Chip Kelly should be worried about is improving the defense and special teams just to a point where they can be considered decent.  A decent defense paired with their high-flying offense would be enough to take The Eagles to the playoffs, and hopefully a Super Bowl victory is in the near future.  

Second win for New Hope-Solebury girls’ volleyball vs. George School

Anna Sirianni
Web Editor

The New Hope-Solebury High School girls’ volleyball team took their second win against George School on Friday, September 27.  The New Hope Lady Lions had a quick three-game win, led by captains Emma Singer (senior) and Casey Coughlin (senior).
 In the first set, New Hope had multiple, consecutive service errors. Freshman Libero Caleigh Roach managed to turn the game around with her serves. The first set ended 25-16 for New Hope.
 In the second set, sophomore Jacqueline Whitney kept the pressure on George School with five offensive kills. New Hope-Solebury’s most statistically consistent defender, captain Emma Singer, helped pick up many of George School’s offensive moves, bringing the second set to a 25-19 win for New Hope.   
 In the final set of Friday’s match, captain Casey Coughlin began with thee consecutive service aces, setting New Hope up for another win. Coughlin’s assists throughout the matches also brought New Hope to another victory.
 New Hope’s key middle hitter, Madison Jaronski (senior), was not in attendance at Friday’s game. Sophomore Toni Suler quickly compensated for the position. Suler’s first leading appearance in a varsity match this season was a success, as she assisted the team’s win offensively.
 The New Hope-Solebury lions have had a successful season thus far. Coach Roy Watson has high hopes for a district bid as well as success in the Bicentennial Athletic League (BAL).  
 New Hope volleyball’s next home match is Thursday, October 3 at 5PM against Archbishop Wood High School.
Sophomores Toni Suler (left) and Jacqueline Whitney (right) prepare for a serve from George School at Friday’s match.