Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Punches Thrown at Girls' Soccer Game

Karli Burns
Staff Writer

Last weekend a fight between Lexi Morse and number 14 from Mast Charter broke out on Friday, September 20th, because the opposing players actions toward New Hopes soccer team.The girls Varsity soccer team played Mast Charter at Comly Elementary school in Philadelphia.
 “I saw what number 14 was doing to my team and I wasn’t okay with it. That’s my team and I felt obligated to step in and stick up for my teammates. I know anyone else on the soccer team would have done the same thing for me” said by Lexi Morse. Lexi felt that her actions were justified. “ I am so happy I have a teammate that will stick up for me in those types of situations. It really showed me how strong of a bond our team has.” said by freshman Kelly Hyland.
 The first instance of violence was when number 14 punched Anna Vidakovic and later threw Kelly Hyland to the ground by pulling her hair. Morse ran over to number 14 to confront her, which lead to more violence. Number 14 began to throw punches at Morse and Morse fought back my kneeing her in the stomach. The fight was separated by a parent watching close by. Both Morse and number 14 received red cards and were thrown out of the game. New Hope went on to win the game 6-0. Anna Vidakovic scored two goals while Lexi Morse, Channel D’Angelo, Jess Zimmerman, and Bella Devito all contributed with one goal. Even though a fight occurred, New Hope still came out on top.

From left to right: Jessica Zimmerman, Lexi Morse. Photo taken by Karli Burns

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  1. Where were the PIAA referees when #14 first punched Ann Vidakovic and then threw Kelly Hyland to the ground by pulling her hair? These refs from what I read are not fit to ref. It's up to AD Harrington to request that in the future neither one of them ref our games.Now what also has to be done in the future is for parents to have camcorders for all of our contests with a telescopic lens so that if our athletes are abused and bullied, the videos are sent to the mass media and to U tube. This will put pressure on the PIAA to keep their house in order or be publicly called out. Likewise for the principals and supts. of the offending schools.
    A few years ago there was a U Tube video that got more than one million hits showing a college girl soccer player pulling an opposing player down to the ground by her pony tail. What an embarrassment for the university of the offending girl.