Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ben Muzekari, a sports legend

Connor Smith
Staff Writer

 Benjamin Stephen Muzekari is a small junior with a huge reputation. He is often compared to the Loch Ness Monster because people have claimed possibilities of his activity, but no one knows for sure. I am, of course, referring to his New Hope-Solebury soccer career.
 He began his high school career with so much promise and potential as a deadly force between the white lines. Just as pneumonia arrived, his season vanished. He was very limited for the rest of the season due to his constant uphill battle with illnesses. This was truly upsetting for the team as the lost a strong versatile player.
 The biggest disappointment, however, was when the team discovered the unbearable truth of the departure from the team for this young lad. Benjamin moved on to play club soccer for Matchfit Academy at a very high level. With this, he abstained from school ball during his sophomore and junior years here at New Hope-Solebury High School. Fortunately, he has one year left.
 Heading into his senior year, the prodigy has high expectations from the die hard soccer fans we have here at New Hope to make an appearance on the team for this coming fall. His talent and leadership qualities could definitely be used on the team as they appear to only be entering with four seniors this upcoming season.

 New Hope-Solebury is founded on the basis of school pride, and playing for this team is an opportunity and experience of a lifetime, and it sure would be a shame to see Benjamin miss it. I hope, the team hopes, and the fans hope, to see Ben on that stadium field when the time rolls around next fall.