Thursday, January 19, 2017

CFP National Championship Shocker

Oliver Colvin
Clay Asplundh
Tommy Lupo           
Sports Editors

This college football season came to a very similar end as last years season did. The Clemson Tigers took on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff National Championship. However, there was a large change in outcome for both of the competitive teams. After 36 years the Clemson Tigers were able to once again claim the National Championship Title. Led by Heisman finalist quarterback Deshaun Watson.
 Clemson came out slow in the first quarter. The defense struggled to contain the Alabama Offense and was trailing by seven points early on after a Bo Scarbrough touchdown. Watson seemed hesitant to move with the Alabama Rushers due to the consistent high pressure.
 Scarbrough found the endzone for a second time with a 37 yard touchdown run to put Bama up early in the second. Clemson got something rolling in the second when Watson ran right inside the pylon for the Tigers first touchdown of the game. Going into half Alabama held onto a 14-7 lead over the Clemson Tigers is Raymond James Stadium.
 Alabama started off with a field goal in the third, but soon after Clemson found the end zone with a touchdown reception by wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. OJ Howard of the Crimson TIde found the end zone on a 68 yard pass play that shifted the momentum big time.
 It was the fourth quarter and the game was becoming nerve-racking for Clemson as Alabama held their commanding  24-14 lead. The quarter opened with a Tigers touchdown from NFL prospect Mike Williams, thus making it a 3 point game.
 Wayne Gallman of Clemson then plowed his way in for the Tigers to put them up 4 points late in the game. This was the first time all year that Alabama had trailed at any point in the fourth quarter. However Alabama did not accept defeat and the Crimson Tide quarterback Jalen Hurts ran in for a touchdown putting them ahead again by 3 points.
 The Tigers drove all the way back down the field and in the closing seconds quarterback Deshaun Watson found wide receiver Hunter Renfrow wide open in the front corner of the endzone to win them the CFP National Championship. This was the first time since 1981 that the Tigers were back on top and the best college team in the nation.

Roll Tigers

Kevin Dougherty, Jay MacDowell
Staff Writers

The third annual college football playoff kicked off on New Year's Eve as millions of spectators’ eyes glued to the biggest stage in college football. After a long, hard fought season filled with controversy, heartbreak, and triumph, the stage was set and ready for a champion.
 The first game of the night featured reigning champion and top seeded Alabama versus the controversial fourth seed Washington. Many believe that Washington shouldn’t have been in the playoff due to a weak schedule. Penn State was a team, hotter than any in college football, that could’ve been considered for this fourth spot in the playoff after beating the dominant Ohio State, winning 9 straight, and fighting their way into the Big Ten championship, ultimately winning arguably the best conference in football. But it was Washington, who gave Alabama their best, losing to the Tide 24-7, sealing Alabama’s second straight appearance in the championship. Next up came the highly anticipated matchup between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Clemson Tigers. This game couldn’t have gone more awry. Clemson made a statement. Clemson said bring on Alabama. Clemson won 31-0. Ohio State became the only team in the 2016 bowl season to not score a single point in a bowl game.
 The championship matchup was set. For the second straight year, the stadium of the championship game featured seas of Orange and Crimson, as Clemson and Alabama took the field at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Although it appeared that Alabama was in control the whole for the entire game, the Tigers roared back and scored a game winning touchdown with one second left on the clock, a pass from Heisman Trophy runner-up Deshaun Watson to walk-on receiver Hunter Renfrow, leaving Alabama utterly shocked, and crowning Clemson as the 2016-2017 national champions.