Wednesday, December 9, 2015

History is made: The Eagles suffer first loss on Thanksgiving but come back to conquer Patriots

Clay Asplundh & Alex Lotier
Staff Writers

Dating back to 1939, the Philadelphia Eagles had been 6-0 on Thanksgiving day games. Three of which were shutouts by the defense, who also allowed an average of only 16.7 points per game! Though these facts may be very impressive, nearly every Eagles fan would have some doubt to see it continue this year. With a team that is already lacking skill at many positions, they have additionally been hit with the injury bug and as a result, they continue to lose to the weaker NFL football teams. Well, this doubt proved to be for good reason on this thanksgiving day. A game that became only more painful to watch as it progressed, it was not only an Eagles loss, but a domination. The first thanksgiving defeat came with 45 points scored against the Eagles, nearly tripling the average points given to opposing teams for the six games prior to this year. It had been no surprise to anyone that this was this year when the streak was broken, but I think all of Philadelphia still remained hoping that their team could figure out a win. The truth is, we have too many holes to fill and at this point, it’s time to look forward to the draft and next year’s season.
....But that was a week ago…
Let’s talk about Tom Brady. Brady who? The Eagles certainly knocked this reigning champ and MVP off his game with two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown. After losing three of the most horrific games in the Chip Kelly era, Eagles fans were at an all-time low. The only expectation was a complete domination on our team this past weekend, but the very unexpected came true. A reverse domination for most of the game as the Eagles scored 35 unanswered points against the Super Bowl Champs. History was made once again, except this time for the better, as the Eagles got their first ever win against Tom Brady. More than ever, how this team’s season will play out is anyone’s guess. But as of now, the Eagles are sitting in first place and in full control of their own destiny.

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