Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NFL Player Found Guilty

Oliver Colvin and Blake Doherty
Staff Writers
After hearing of Greg Hardy’s assault on his former girlfriend Nicole Holder, Judge Becky Thorne Tin ruled Hardy guilty. Hardy was sentenced to a suspended 60 day jail term and 18 months probation, a punishment sent aside by Hardy’s appeal for a jury trial in Superior Court.
 The incident began in the football player’s uptown luxury apartment after a night of travelling the city and drinking thousands of dollars in champagne on May 13. Holder explained that once in the apartment, Hardy threw her from the bed to the bathtub, dragging her around by her hair. Hardy then proceeded to choke and threaten to kill Holder, but instead dialed 911 and explained that Holder was going crazy trying to beat him up. Hardy’s defense attorney explained that after Holder spent the night drinking and buzzing cocaine she was asked by Hardy to leave the apartment. He then said that Holder flew into a jealous rage.
 The most important evidence came from two females that were involved in the entourage that night. The information led to the closing of the case. Both pieces of evidence pointed toward the story that Holder told, in which Hardy assaulted Holder and tried to cover up his tracks. Judge Tin did not find Hardy’s story to be true and proceeded to rule him guilty.
 As of right now, the case has not yet affected Hardy’s standings with the Carolina Panthers, but there are long term concerns of where Hardy might stand with the team. Hardy signed a $13.1 million one year contract last Spring.

 When asked about the case, Judge Tin explained that it does not matter if the charged person is an NFL player or an average joe, if the person assaults someone they will be prosecuted and convicted.

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