Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Revamped Cheer Squad Boosts Spirit

Russell Abernethy, Matt Smith, and Nic Patino
Staff Writers

With a new school year and a new season of fall sports, the NH-S cheerleading squad has undergone a major  revitalization.
  Last year the squad only consisted of seven cheerleaders. Since then the number has jumped to seventeen. The differences between the squad this year and last year’s have been night and day. We are witnessing a wave of school spirit unprecedented by any previous cheer squad, and players and fans can’t help but notice from the white outs to the hashtag banners hung on the bleachers at games.
  Katie Tangradi, junior captain of the squad, said the sudden change in mentality amongst the cheer community, “really has to do with the change of coaches. They bring a whole new spirit to the squad.”
  Junior Captain Taylor Gundlach claims that “it has to do with the daily practices after school.”
  NH-S school spirit has been drastically boosted thanks to the cheerleaders this Fall season.
  The squad cheers at every home football game and some away games as well.

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