Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dissecting the success of NH-S football

Brian Hauch and Dylan Waterman
Staff Writers

The football team has started their season off with a bang, winning all four of their games by impressive margins. The team has won three league games as well, including wins over Calvary Christian and Valley Forge, both of whom they lost to in overtime last year. The Lions are currently at the top of the BAL standings and they hope to stay in that position for the remainder of the season.
  The main reason for the Lions’ success this season has been their senior dominant lineup finally able to play the best football they have in their high school careers. Last year the roster was very similar but struggled to win games mainly due to inconsistent play and lack of focus. With no senior leadership last year, it was tough to get anything going. That is not the case this year.
  The strength of the team so far has been the stout defense, as they have yet to allow more than one touchdown per game.
  “We may not be the biggest or heaviest on the field, but we love to lay the wood and that is what counts on defense,”  Senior Free Safety Alec Coburn said. “We all know our jobs and do our jobs.”
  The offense hasn’t been too shabby either. After starting quarterback Nick Garritano went down with a back injury early in camp, Freshmen Gavin Grohndal has filled in and done a nice job. 
  Garritano’s injury has also made the Lions rely much more on their running game. Running backs Brendan Shadle and Jack McKenna have really pounded the rock in the early going. In the Sept. 18 game, the running backs tore up Calvary Christian’s defense, as they rushed for 206 yards. Of course, the offensive line deserves credit for that too.
  New Hope’s success has led to more and more fans coming out to each game and this has been a boon for the team. The student section has been a key component to New Hope’s home field advantage this year. Whether it’s shooting silly string, throwing glitter, or pouring flour everywhere (that's banned now), the fans have provided energy that fuels the players on the field.

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