Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fantasy Football Surprises and Disappointments of NFL Week 1

Clay Asplundh
Staff Writer

When football season kicked off in New England on September 10th, fantasy footballers everywhere were convinced that this was their year. Week one saw many surprises and disappointments, and it left many owners scrambling to improve their team going into week two.  

Tom Brady scored 27 points in the NFL’s season opener, and he showed that he can perform as a top quarterback despite his age.
Carlos Hyde had 168 yards and two touchdowns, and he is proving to be of great value for people that picked him in the fourth or fifth round.
Julio Jones had 26 points on Monday Night Football, so he could turn out to be the top wide receiver this year.
Gronkowski dominated the Steelers, and he ended up with over 20 points on three touchdowns.
Sam Bradford had two interceptions that ended up taking his point total down to 13, which was well below his projection.
Adrian Peterson had only three fantasy points and was a major disappointment to many people who drafted him number one overall.
Brandin Cooks was a major letdown as he failed to catch a touchdown after a terrific preseason Zach Ertz had only three catches for the Eagles and failed to get in the end zone.

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