Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Philadelphia Eagle Opener: a close loss foreshadows success

Alex Lotier
Staff Writer

It was set for Sept. 14 at 7:00 p.m. in Atlanta: the first Monday night football game of the season for the Eagles.
  Midnight green covered the city of Philadelphia. Eagles fans came by plane, train and automobile to usher in the 2015 season.
  After an impressive preseason, the Eagles shocked the league after trampling over teams with their high-power offense. After averaging nearly 40 points each game, the most in the league, the Eagles performance in the opener surprised fans. They scored only three points in the first half of the game. If it hadn’t been for some outstanding defensive plays such as Kiko Alonso’s one-handed interception in the endzone, the Eagles would have given up even more points in the first half.
  Although it took the entire first half, the Eagles offense came out strong and was able to kick it into gear by the start of the third quarter. Sam Bradford completed 21 of his total 25 passing attempts. The Eagles outscored the Falcons offense 21-6, but lost after a missed field goal in the end.
  Though the Eagles disappointed many early in the game, their second half performance showed signs of what fans thought might be to come...until the Eagles found more upset in week two.

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