Friday, September 23, 2016

Tennis Tents Destroyed

Lauren Walinski
Staff Writer

On September 14, the Girls’ Tennis team arrived at practice to find their two tents had been flipped and damaged. The tents, both personal property provided by team members, were used as shade during practice and especially games to help team members cool down when not playing.
The two tents, a black one and a slightly larger white one, were found flipped upside down by their usual spots next to the tennis court entrance. The tents were tangled together, and when they were separated it became clear only the black tent could be salvaged. While the black tent was somewhat bent, it was still useful. The white tent, however, was bent in some places and flat-out broken in others. The tarp over top was also discovered to have some holes. The cause of the destruction is unclear; some say wind while others say vandals.
 The tents had both been left up the night before with the tarps on, making them easier targets for wind. However, the white tent had been staked into the ground to keep it from blowing away and there had been no wind on the previous night. The motive for possibly vandalising the tents is unclear. Anyone with information should report it to district office.

Photo by Lauren Walinski

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