Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Baseball team looks forward to a great year

Justin Horak and Deven Smith
Staff Writers

Fall baseball was started this year to help improve the game play of the team for the spring season. This fall season the team has practice every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. each week for six weeks. The head coach of varsity and this fall league team is Tony Vlahovic. Coach Len Lehman of the spring JV team is the assistant coach.
 The team has a strong underclassmen roster including  freshman,  Will Renson, Justin Horak,and Cameron Mertz, and sophomores: Michael Lehman, Jack Gawson, Blake Doherty, Derek Smith, and Connor Campbell. The team is led by two seniors and captains, Chris Thompson and Danny Doherty.
 The team has games every weekend against teams that are from 30 to 60 minutes away from New Hope. The team had it’s first home game this past Saturday, where New Hope dominated 16-1. The team had another game on Sunday that was about 1 hour and a half away New Hope won that game as well,  9-1. The Fall ball league is about getting ready for the upcoming high school season in the Spring, getting to know your coaches, making new friends, and just having fun and playing the sport that you love to play.
 Speaking of the coaches, Coach Vlahovic is a very knowledgeable of the game and extremely nice to all the players, same with Coach Lehman. They're both very good coaches because if someone makes a mistake some coaches usually would yell at them but they don’t even raise their voices.. They usually say shake it off and get the next one, then they will explain what that person did wrong. They will correct the mistake and make sure it will not happen in the future. The coaches care more about people learning the game then the result of the game itself.  In the winter the baseball team will be having winter workouts indoors not on the high school campus. Usually the team has winter workouts in the middle school gym but now the team can't do that because of the construction. Winter workouts will now be in Doylestown and will be comprised of going to the cages to just keep hitting so that the team stays loose and keep improving until the season starts. When the season starts, New Hope will hopefully take to the field in March (weather permitting) and start working on all things baseball to get ready for high school baseball!.

 In closing, the whole team is excited for both the fall and springs seasons and play America’s pastime! Coach Vlahovic has been the head coach for the Varsity team for multiple years now but this year is the second year for Coach Lehman and the team is excited to be coached by both.  All of the freshmen and sophomores on the fall league team have experience being coached by Coach Lehman because they also had him as a middle school baseball coach before he moved up to high school. The team is looking forward to a great baseball experience at New Hope-Solebury with our teammates and Coach Vlahovic and Coach Lehman!  

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