Friday, September 23, 2016

Football from a freshmen's perspective

Connor Fitzgerald and Rhys McCollum
Staff Writers

This fall season the New Hope- Solebury class of 2020 has begun their first high school football season. These freshmen include  Lear Asplundh, Michael Borys, Connor Fitzgerald, Zach Griffiths, Hunter Kouchi, Christian Keating, Michael Les, Thomas Raupp, and Rhys McCollum. Although some freshmen were originally hesitant about joining the team, at this point they are so glad they committed. Everyone is having fun and doing their best to contribute their full heart into the team.
 It was a bit nerve wracking going into the weight room for the first time being only in eighth grade and not knowing how to do the workouts or not being nearly as strong or as experienced as the upper-classmen. After a few practices in the weight room, along with help from coaches and upper-classmen, the exercises became easy. During the offseason, lifting was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday right after school from 2:45-4:00. In March, offensive and defensive off season practices started. This was a completely different concept than weight lifting, having to relearn technique and tackling from previous Pop Warner experience.
   After a few months of off season, seven on sevens, mini camp, and summer camp was right around the corner. During seven on sevens, our team played short scrimmages against other teams like Academy of the New Church, CB West, Georgetown Academy, and CRN. For the freshmen, these 7 on 7’s were  intimidating yet eye opening. This was our first time playing other high school teams in an actual game day like scenario. Once our nerves relaxed and we ran the first couple of plays, we realized that it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience as freshmen.
   Overall, the upperclassmen were nice and welcoming to the incoming freshman. The team as a whole works together whether you are on the varsity team or not. Every player on the team is counted on to contribute. Outside of the football field the team also has a very good relationship. Whether it’s team dinners, going to the pool at someone's house, or seeing each other in school, the team gets along very well.

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