Friday, January 29, 2016

The Search is Over

Alex Lotier
Clay Asplundh
Staff Writers

It was December 29, 2015, just three days after a devastating, season ending loss to the Redskins. All of Philly’s fans had felt hopeless of any possibilities that the future would be bright, as it seemed as if this team was only headed in a downward spiral. Top rated free agents and early round draft picks had all underperformed, all acquisitions that were lead by head coach, Chip Kelly. For these reasons and more, owner Jeffrey Lurie made the decision to fire Chip Kelly after a short three years of coaching. For many it might have been a surprise, but for some people such as myself, it was a great relief. Many would be impressed with Lurie to make such a “bold” decision but after consideration, this decision might have possibly been the best thing for this city. To begin a fresh new start in the 2016 season, with what many hope will be an experienced, old fashioned coach who runs a new offense that can achieve the highest success. Nobody knows what will happen for sure next season, but with the release of Chip Kelly, all Eagles fans can now be hopeful that a high powered, winning team is coming in the future.
As far as the coaching search goes, Adam Gase was believed to be the top choice for Lurie. Unfortunately his top prospect was not available for long, as the Dolphins quickly signed him. Suddenly, the Eagles coaching search became much more confusing. They also interviewed Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Doug Pederson, interim head coach Pat Shurmur, Ex-Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, running backs Coach Duce Staley, and Giants offensive coordinator Ben Mcadoo. All three coaches are offensive coaches with the exception of Coughlin. The Eagles have no more scheduled interviews, and this leaves no clear front runner for the job. Jeffrey Lurie needs to make a decision, and quickly, because coaches are becoming scarce across the league, and the city of Philadelphia needs an exceptional one.
It has only been about a week that has passed, and the Philadelphia Eagles have already nearly secured a full coaching staff. With a new head coach, Doug Pederson, who was once the quarterbacks coach of the Eagles under head coach Andy Reid many years ago. More recently, he has been an offensive coordinator on the rise for the Kansas City Chiefs over the past three years. An OC that has lead the Chiefs offense to an 11-0 run after a 1-5 start, only to lose a close game in the divisional championship game to the Patriots this season. After ending the 2015 season with great frustration and depression, Philadelphia can once again have hope that this change of coaching staff can bring their team success. That they are able to coach these players into the team who finally brings home a Super Bowl, and gives this city what they truly deserve.

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