Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rams Relocate to LA

Russell Abernethy, Nic Patino, and Matt Smith
Staff Writers

On Tuesday January 13, a meeting took place in Houston between the thirty-two team owners in the NFL to vote on which team would relocate to L.A. The decision was made to send the St. Louis Rams with a whopping 30-2 decision.
The Rams franchise was originally founded in Los Angeles in 1946, and then relocated to St. Louis in 1995. They found great success under hall of fame coach Dick Vermeil, and quarterback Kurt Warner. The team took two back to back trips to the Super Bowl winning one. The team was dubbed the nickname The greatest show on tur.
Where the Rams will play in 2016 is still a mystery. There have been some teams who are willing to open their stadiums up to the Rams until their stadium is built. Some stadiums that have a chance to host the Rams are Angel Stadium, Coliseum, Dodger Stadium, Rose Bowl and StubHub Stadium. Hoping the new relocated Rams will bring them a big pay increase with more tickets sold.
The Rams stadiums is going to be built in Inglewood, which is approximately 20 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles. New stadium is projected to cost approximately $1.8 billion dollars and will hold between 80,000-100,000 fans.The new stadium will have a park outside where people can enjoy the amazing structure. Also there will be immense amounts of landscaping to round out the inside and outside of the stadium. Huge parking lots and buildings will be built to control the parking around the stadium.

The Rams are hoping that their move to L.A will start the team to a better record than in the past couple years, The Rams have missed the playoffs in 2015 and some years before. New stadium, new Rams start.

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