Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter Sports Season Kicks Off

Katie Hunt and Parker Miele
Staff Writers

The start of winter sports is an exciting time for everyone. From boys’ and girls’ basketball to wrestling, winter cheer, and winter track, there’s plenty of excitement this winter season. All of these sports have team members that are dedicated to the sport and are excited for the season to start with high hopes.
 The practices for the Girls’ Basketball season opened this Nov. 17. With two seniors, six juniors, two sophomores, and four freshman, the New Hope team is looking good for the long season ahead. Toni Suler, a junior on this years Girl’s Varsity basketball team, was asked what she missed most about basketball in the off season. “Just playing and the home games. They were the best.” Toni says that this year, the team’s goal is to win districts. If you want to come cheer on Toni and the rest of the team, their games started  December 9, 2014 at New Hope and will continue through Feb. 5 at New Hope.
 With practice’s for the upcoming season already in high gear, starting up again on Nov.13 Winter Cheer is getting everybody pumped for the start of the new cheerleading season. Lexi Basford, a freshman on this year’s Winter Cheer team, says: “I’m excited for competition to start and to finally hold our own B.A.L. Cheerleading Competition at our own high school.” The BAL Competitive Spirit Championship is on Jan. 31 so come and flip out for cheerleading this winter season.
 The practices for the Boys’ Basketball season opened this Nov. 17, and the guys are working real hard to make a lasting impact on the season ahead. Kevin Dougherty, a freshman on the Boy’s Basketball Team this winter season, was asked what the team’s goals were for the season.
 “We are going to work really hard and it’s going to pay off because we are going win.”
 The boys’ games started  December 9, 2014 at Holy Ghost and will continue through Feb. 6, at Church Farm School so come and support the team before the season ends!
 The NHS Wrestling team is looking forward to the season ahead, with the practices already in process. A freshman, who wishes to be anonymous on this year’s wrestling team says “I am looking forward to getting into shape and learning a new sport. The goal is to become stronger and as a team to win and represent our school.”
 The boys’ competitions started December 17, 2014 at New Hope and will continue through Feb. 11, at Phil-Mont Christian and Feb. 14 is the BAL Wrestling Championship come and cheer them on!
 NHS Winter Track practices have started and the team is excited for what’s to come. Makena Kramli, a freshman on the NHS Winter Track team this season, is “looking forward to this winter track season!” When asked what she was looking forward to the most and what expectations she had for the season, Makena said: “The Armory at New York City, it’s my favorite event and expectation for myself are to improve my times and heal myself physically. Also, as a team, I would like at least a few of us to qualify for states and met all our goals as a team.”
 Chris Cammarata, a freshman on this years Winter Track team, was asked what he thought about the season ahead. “I think that we are going to do well this year.”
 The team had their first meet on Dec.13, at Lehigh University and will have their last one on March 1 so come and cheer on Makena, Chris, and the rest of the winter track team!

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