Friday, December 5, 2014

NHS Winter Sports Begin

Gabby Lehotay & Toni Suler
Staff Writers

  With the heat heading south, students at New Hope are taking sports inside. Winter sports start this week, and everyone is excited!
  For both boys and girls, basketball is starting. New captains Spencer Tinkle, Anthony Vlahovic, Andrew Bove, and Patrick Gimpel are leading the team this year, and plan to take the team further than ever before. For the girls, Karli Burns, Annie Behre, and Lexi Morse are taking over the team this year. Both teams are aiming to get further than they did last year, and hopes are high for these talented teams.
  Moving off the football field and into competitions, competitive cheer is starting up. The team may be small but it’s fiercely competitive and the girls are playing on having a successful season.
  Wrestling is also starting up with the new season. This team of star athletes has dominated in all years past, and plan on continuing this tradition this year.
  Winter track is the last sport to start this season. The team, always successful, is planning on keeping up their reputation with this coming season.

  The cold may be coming, but these teams are ready. Each and every athlete is working hard and showing amazing results. With all eyes on them, the New Hope Solebury High School winter sports teams are going for the win this year.

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