Monday, November 21, 2016

Girls’ Basketball aims high in 2016

Chloe MacGillvray
Staff Writer

On Nov, 18, the girls’ basketball team began training for their upcoming season. In previous years, being one of New Hope’s finest winter sports teams, the basketball team excelled in BAL, district, and state competitions. The girls were undefeated for most of last season, and constantly proved themselves the best by playing hard as a team throughout the entire season.
  Bella Devito, one of New Hope’s most important players, said of her previous season; “Last year was such an unforgettable year with my ‘winter best friends.’ We spent so much time together and accomplished so much that I never wanted the season to end. However, even saying that, I am even more excited about my senior year season and what’s to come. I’m going to cherish every moment of this year to have the best final season ever.”
  Kelly Hyland also discussed the closeness of her team: “‘13 hearts beating as one’ is a quote our basketball team lives by. We don’t focus on winning and that’s what makes it so fun! We accomplished so much last season and we hope to do the same this year. We have very talented new players and I think that if we work hard we can be super successful.”
  It is obvious that the girls have big plans for the seasons, and winning states this year is high on their agenda.

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