Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ben Muzekari Leads NHS Boys Soccer Team to Success

Matt Steele
Staff Writer

 Senior Ben Muzekari looks to be the next talent in a long line of star-studded New Hope-Solebury Boys’ Soccer teams, and with a somewhat depleted roster, he may be the missing link to yet another district title.
 Ben played for New Hope during his freshman year, however, due to rules regarding academy soccer, he was not allowed to play during his sophomore and junior seasons. But now back from his two season hiatus, Ben’s looking better than ever. He has seamlessly fit into the starting center midfielder role along with juniors Riley Smith and Aaron Nagg. The three have been able to play off of each other perfectly, feeding the rest of the team, including leading goal scorer, Alex Lotier. So far, it looks like his decision to come back has paid dividends. Ben’s game revolves around quick acceleration, quicker moves, and pinpoint passes. He has adopted the role of the team’s playmaker, developing great chemistry with the rest of the team.
 When asked about how he feels his season is going, Ben said,”We’ve got off to a pretty positive start, but there still is a lot of room for improvement as a team. We’re a solid squad when we play together and for each other. If we bring a great amount of intensity every game, we’re not going to lose.”
 Optimism is sky high about Ben and what he may mean for the boys’ team. Senior Captain Connor Smith says,”The return of Ben Muzekari has not only brought smiles to all the fans’ faces, but also the tenacity that this team has longed for. His influence both on and off the field has spread contagiously throughout the team, bringing hope for yet another district title.”
 So far so good for Ben and the soccer team, who will be looking to advance to another district title and beyond. Ben may be number ten on the pitch, but he’s rocketing his way up to number one in the hearts of NHS Soccer supporters.

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